Welcome to AI PANIC – a newsletter about Artificial Intelligence hype and panic.

This TIME magazine’s cover served as an inspiration:

Rather than discussing the "End of HUMANITY," let's discuss the "End of PANIC." Neither will actually "End," but eventually, the hysteria will calm down.

Right now, AI media coverage is so extreme and overwhelming that we need to cut through the hype. Since I've studied tech coverage for almost two decades, I’ll provide a broader perspective on the AI debate.

What to expect?

1. Type of content?

You might know me from Twitter (DrTechlash), my Techlash Book, or read some of my media columns (on Techdirt, The Daily Beast, etc.). Or maybe you've never read a word of my work, but are interested in AI coverage and have found your way here.

Whatever the case, you can expect data-driven content and media analysis of overblown promises (AI hype), and panic (AI criti-hype).

2. How often?

Attached to news events as much as possible.

3. Paid subscription or free?

FREE. All content will be publicly available.

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Communication researcher (PhD). Area of expertise: Tech Journalism. Author of the TECHLASH book.