Incredible work and research. What does it all mean? What conclusions can we draw from this? As Bitcoin's price continues to rise what other impacts might it have on Generative AI, AI trust and x-risk vs. Technological optimism.

BigTech and Venture Capitalism pouring money into hyping Tech optimism might directly lead to the political right demonizing AI now and in the future at a much larger scale. Meanwhile AI startups are already failing that were funded by the likes of Coatue and Microsoft. Many of which have been utterly poached for talent by none other than OpenAI and Microsoft!

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SHIB is funding the deceleration of human progress

KIBSHI will fund the acceleration of human progress

Pick your side

KIBSHI (KiboShib) - World's First AI-generated Meme Coin

Date of birth: 08 December 2022

Child of DOGE and SHIB, named by AI

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Mar 31·edited Mar 31

Although the increasing replacement of humans by artificial intelligence can be daunting, it also signifies innovation.

With pioneers leading the way and nurturing this transition, humans can lead more prosperous lives with greater integration of AI. As AI starts to take over tasks humans rely on, people will naturally seek out new needs and desires.

Artificial intelligence isn't something to fear; rather, it marks the dawn of an era where humans and AI harmoniously coexist, a trend already in progress. As AI's significance grows in this era, interest in the keyword 'AI' is inevitably on the rise.

While 'DOGE' and 'SHIBA' represent memes of the human era, the anticipated inaugural meme keyword of the AI era could be 'KIBSHI,' the first native coin of AI.

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That's why we have KIBSHI - the first AI-generated meme coin as humanity enters the AI era. It's the only one that appeared shortly after the ChatGPT release and the only one from 2022. Many influencers copied the concept later in 2023.

Find more on Kiboshib.com website or simply google "first AI meme coin"

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